As diplomacy is reshaping itself to better respond to new challenges, new media technologies like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have been molded by diplomats, cabinet ministers and their communicators as a way to interact with the public -- at home and abroad -- and to actuate foreign policy priorities. Is Twi-plomacy changing the face of modern diplomacy?
Video The conference was streamed live from Turin, Italy. Videos from the conference are available here
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The conference was organized
by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of Italy
and the City of Turin in
collaboration with La Stampa.
It is hosted by the International
Training Centre of the
International Labour Organization
in Turin [click here for a map]

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Press clippings and news
Minister Giulio Terzi

Piero Fassino

Alec Ross

Roberto Cota

Mario Calabresi

Lina Ben Mhenni

Giulio Terzi
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy
Mario Calabresi
La Stampa
Alec Ross
Senior Advisor for Innovation to the U.S. Secretary of State
Lina Ben Mhenni
Blogger & Activist
Piero Fassino
Mayor of Turin

Giuseppe Manzo
Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Spokesperson
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Twitter Brief on eDiplomacy and Digital Diplomacy in Italy [English - Italiano]
Twitter Remarks by Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi [or click here to access Minister Terzi's slideshow]
Twitter Press clippings [available in Italian only]
Twitter Twiplomacy on Storify: #Twiplomacy: #Italy steps up as a key player in #digitaldiplomacy
Twitter Multimedia: Photo Gallery of the event; Alec Ross' slideshow
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